The room should be a personal retreat and a heaven expressing your favourite feeling and colours. Simple home decor ideas can make your rooms look attractive and beautiful. If you are wondering how to make your rooms look attractive, here are some best and simple home decor ideas for you.

Choose a subtle colour

Instead of attractive basic colours, choose comfortable tones and a palette of monochromatic colours.  The rich colour tones help create an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness. They may also include deep pomegranate, topaz or toasty browns. Use faded versions of your favourite colours.

Use the right size of furniture

The furniture should be suitable to fit the room, and this is especially true for bedroom furniture. Do not choose a large cultural bed and a dresser for a small room. If your room is large, choose furniture that suits you perfectly.

Add an armchair or a small sofa set. Very small pieces of furniture and accessories will be lost in a large room. Therefore, use the right size furniture to add the touch of elegance and beauty to your room.

Go for luxurious bedding

Equip your room with beautiful, luxurious fabrics. There is nothing that adds comfort to a room like pretty sheets. Add other fabrics to the touch in the room and cover the walls with textured wall coverings. Hanging silk curtains or a silky blanket or adding luxurious floor coverings is also a good option.

Cover windows with beautiful curtains

A window covered with beautiful curtains helps frame the view and offers other ways to add color, design, texture, and softness to the room.

If you like soft, transparent curtains that filter light, combine non-translucent roller shutters that can be lowered to maintain privacy at night and block out the morning light. For all the curtains, use curtain lining to prevent the sun from entering when you want to sleep late.

Add a mirror

With a beautiful mirror, you will not only have a way to see yourself, but you will get more light bouncing around the room. Decorating mirrors is a simple and beautiful way to make a room larger, lighter and more open. Place a large mirror across your window directly or diagonally so that it can reflect light and allow the room to appear larger.

Add texture

From carpets to comfortable pillows and blankets, textures help divide the room and add visual interest. A beautiful room has everything you love in a beautiful room: greenery, well-maintained furniture and varied lighting take you to the next level.

Focus on your lighting scheme

Ceiling lighting is good, but if it’s the only light source, it could be better. Use a table lamp or a floor lamp so that the light comes from varying heights around the room. Fairy lights and candles are also an amazing option not only for lighting up the room but also for a pleasant and scented atmosphere.

Consider these simple home décor ideas and make your rooms look beautiful and attractive.

Article culled from: – Houses and Flats for sale and rent in Lagos